Shotcrete Application

Renown as an industry leader in the supply and application of high quality fibre reinforced shotcrete and concrete products for the mining sector, InCycle has the expertise and the equipment to successfully tackle even the most complex and demanding ground support operation.

The company delivers the full range of support requirements, from supply only and supply & application to the total management of ground support strategies throughout the lifetime of a project, including training, testing and Quality Assurance.

Services include robotic and hand spraying of shotcrete and fibrecrete, with the support of mechanised spray arms and extended placement booms to alleviate the need for personnel to operate in unsupported areas. The company has a number of spray options and machine sizes, maintaining a fleet of on-road agitator trucks and purpose-built underground agitators to ensure that all operations proceed smoothly and without interruption. 

Part of the international RUC mining group, InCycle is subject to the same stringent QC and QA management processes of this leading global entity, whilst at the same time enjoying direct access to the group’s collective experience and expertise gained through operating in some of the world’s most challenging environments.

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