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Robotic Shaft Lining

InCycle has revolutionised the task of shaft lining by introducing the technique of robotic spraying, making the process safer, faster and more accurate. With InCycle’s robotic spraying, the whole operation is controlled from the surface, with no personnel descending into the shaft at any stage. 
All the functions of the robotic sprayer are directed from a control cabin, while a machine operator works from behind a safety fence on the winch deck. The shaft is first scanned in 3D, in order for the computer to calculate the required spray pattern, then scanned again after the operation to ensure that all specifications have been met. InCycle will line shafts up to 250m in depth using this technique, with the ability to work with shafts ranging from 1.8m to 8.0m in diameter. The operator observes the entire process via cameras attached to the spray head, and monitors the hydraulic pump, winch speed, rotation speed, drycrete feed rate, air and water supply without leaving the control cabin.
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